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Home > TVing Abroad Blog > Return to Paradise: Death in Paradise goes down under with an exciting new spin-off.

Return to Paradise: Death in Paradise goes down under with an exciting new spin-off.

November 9, 2023
Return to Paradise: Death in Paradise goes down under with an exciting new spin-off.

BBC One has just made the day of Death in Paradise enthusiasts by confirming a brand new spin-off series set in the picturesque landscapes of Australia. Titled “Return to Paradise,” this latest addition to ‘The Paraverse‘ promises a thrilling blend of sun, sand, and crime-solving adventures.

The focal point of the series is Mackenzie Clarke, an Australian ex-pat with a knack for unraveling the most perplexing cases. Having honed her detective skills while working for the Metropolitan Police in London, Mackenzie is about to face her toughest challenge yet — solving a murder in her childhood home, the beachside hamlet of Dolphin Cove.

The synopsis hints at a compelling narrative as Mackenzie grapples with personal issues, unresolved business, and a murder case that demands her attention. Six years after escaping her hometown, Mackenzie’s return is met with reluctance from both herself and the locals of Dolphin Cove. The tension is palpable, with the synopsis revealing, “the people of Dolphin Cove are certainly no fans of hers.

Despite the resistance, Mackenzie’s detective instincts kick in, propelling her to investigate the murder that unfolds in her hometown. The synopsis suggests a fascinating character arc, stating, “But when a murder takes place in Dolphin Cove, Mack can’t help but put her inspired detective brilliance to good use and determines, despite her reservations, that she needs to make the best of it, including tying up the loose ends with the man she left at the altar six years ago.”

The six-part series is set to commence filming next year, building anticipation for the unveiling of the cast. Produced by BBC Studios Productions Australia in collaboration with Red Planet Pictures for ABC, “Return to Paradise” is expected to captivate audiences with its stunning portrayal of the Australian coastline.

Following the success of “Beyond Paradise,” led by Kris Marshall, which became the UK’s most-watched new drama of the year, the decision to explore more Death in Paradise spin-offs comes as no surprise. Fans can eagerly await the picturesque views, intriguing mysteries, and unique charm this Down Under edition of the beloved series is bound to deliver. “Return to Paradise” is poised to be a must-watch for both Death in Paradise aficionados and those new to ‘The Paraverse.’

As the anticipation for “Return to Paradise” builds, fans are eager to see how Mackenzie Clarke navigates the complex web of relationships and mysteries in her hometown. The juxtaposition of the idyllic Dolphin Cove against the backdrop of crime adds an extra layer of intrigue, promising viewers not only the scenic beauty of the Australian coastline but also a gripping narrative that blends personal drama with professional challenges.

The success of the Kris Marshall-led “Beyond Paradise” has set the stage for more Death in Paradise spin-offs, and “Return to Paradise” is expected to follow suit in captivating audiences with its unique blend of crime-solving, character development, and breathtaking scenery. With filming set to commence next year and casting details yet to be revealed, the excitement surrounding this new addition to ‘The Paraverse’ continues to grow. Brace yourselves for a thrilling ride Down Under as Death in Paradise takes on a new and exciting chapter in the sun-soaked setting of Australia.

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