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Home > TVing Abroad Blog > BBC Two announces The Beatles celebration night.

BBC Two announces The Beatles celebration night.

October 27, 2023
BBC Two announces The Beatles celebration night.

The Beatles, arguably one of the most iconic and influential bands in the history of music, are set to be celebrated once again by BBC Two. The broadcaster is paying homage to the Fab Four with a special night of programming, a new podcast series, and a feature on The One Show. This tribute is in honor of the release of the final Beatles song, an event that holds immense significance for music enthusiasts worldwide.

The event kicks off on Wednesday, November 1st when radio presenter Lauren Laverne will join The One Show to introduce and provide insights into “Now and Then,” the last song recorded by The Beatles. Directed by Oliver Murray, known for his work on “My Life as a Rolling Stone,” this short film delves into the story behind this belatedly released track, described by the BBC as “poignant” and long-awaited by fans.

Radio 6 Music will be the first BBC station to air “Now and Then,” with its broadcast scheduled for the following day. This is bound to be an unforgettable moment for Beatles enthusiasts who have eagerly awaited this final piece of musical history.

Adding to the excitement, a brand new podcast series titled “Eras: The Beatles” is set to captivate audiences. The first five episodes are already available for streaming, and the sixth episode will be released on Thursday, November 2nd. Hosted by Martin Freeman, known for his roles in “Sherlock,” “The Office,” and Marvel films, the podcast explores the history of this legendary rock band and their enduring influence on the music industry. What sets this podcast apart is the inclusion of a never-before-heard interview with George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, recorded in 1964, just before the band’s life-changing first visit to the United States.

The anticipation continues to build as Saturday, November 4th, approaches. On this day, BBC Two will air a night of Beatles-themed programming, including a variety of new and archive material. The highlight of the evening will be the special program titled “The Beatles & The BBC.” This compilation features performances and appearances by individual band members and the group as a whole on various BBC programs, even making a surprising appearance on the iconic show “Doctor Who.” The program is set to provide fans with a comprehensive look at the Beatles’ relationship with the BBC and their impact on the British broadcasting landscape.

As The Beatles continue to captivate new generations of music lovers, this BBC celebration night promises to be a fitting tribute to a band that forever changed the course of music history. From the release of their final song “Now and Then” to the rediscovery of a 1964 interview, this event is sure to be a memorable experience for Beatles fans old and new. So mark your calendars and prepare to relive the magic of The Beatles on BBC Two this November.

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