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    With Teeveeing membership, you can directly access and record all your favourite satellite
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    provided by Later.

    Want to record TV abroad?

    Perhaps you are running late and can’t watch the live broadcast. Maybe you are holidaying or living abroad and in a different timezone. Or you might just want to record the programme and watch it at your leisure. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

    All Teeveeing memberships come with 7-day recordings*; 10 hours for our free trial membership, and up to 20 hours for our paid Expat TV and Family TV memberships. But what if you need more storage or wish to keep your recordings permanently?

    Introducing Later, the personal cloud-based video recording app. Later works seamlessly with all Teeveeing memberships and allows you to record up to 300 hours of your favorite films, series, documentaries and shows, permanently.

    *recordings provided by Later

    We’re here for you.

    Whether it’s a question about membership, advice on installing Teeveeing on your device, or anything else, our friendly support staff are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Frequently asked questions

    In which countries does Teeveeing membership work?

    Teeveeing works in any country but the availability of certain TV channels may vary based on your location. Teeveeing works on mobile, tablet, PC, TV, box or stick. All you need is a stable internet connection with a minimum of 2 Mbps for SD (standard) picture quality, and 5 Mbps for HD (high definition) picture quality. For optimum performance, ensure your device is connected to WiFi or a wired internet connection.

    What is the picture quality like?

    Teeveeing ‘Expat TV’ and ‘Family TV’ membership benefits from HD (high definition) image quality; perfect for large screens. ‘free trial’ membership is limited to SD (standard definition image quality) which still looks great on mobile and tablet.

    What devices are supported?

    Teeveeing works on all your devices; browser, box, stick, TV, laptop, pc, smartphone and tablet. View compatible devices here.

    Do I need a VPN?

    You don’t need a VPN subscription to watch TV channels if you are located within the footprint of the satellite that is broadcasting the channel you want to watch.

    Is Teeveeing a legal TV service? 

    Yes, we are. Teeveeing does not broadcast, re-transmit, re-stream, redistribute, add advertisements or otherwise alter any content. We do not offer a catch-up service that contravenes existing laws. Instead, our service equips our membres with legal technology for individual use. Our only financial benefit is the nominal fee we charge our members that pays for the equipment and service provisioning.

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