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Teeveeing is the best way to watch your favourite Irish TV in the UK!

Are you an Irish expat living in the UK? Are you wondering how to enjoy your favourite Irish TV channels in the UK? You may have discovered that it can be tricky to watch your favourite Irish TV… Great Irish TV broadcasters like RTÉ and Virgin give Irish abroad a hard time accessing their favourite Irish TV channels. Luckily, Teeveeing now offers you a legal, reliable and cheap way to access your favourite Irish TV in UK without the hassle!

How do I watch Irish TV channels in the UK with Teeveeing?

Watching your favourite Irish TV channels abroad with Teeveeing is easy. Sign up for a free membership and get 15 min of TV a day, free! If you want unlimited TV time or use multiple devices to watch Irish TV in the UK, consider upgrading to a paid membership which costs from €5.99 a month! Your membership fee pays for unlimited access to our middleware to receive the unaltered TV broadcast signals.

Here’s what’s on popular Irish TV channels right now. Click to tune in!

Watching Irish TV in the UK with a twist.

Teeveeing is just like traditional satellite TV, with a slight twist on the technology. Tune in to receive satellite signals from free-to-air broadcasts virtually using your pc, laptop, TV box, tablet, smartphone or TV instead of a physical satellite box.

With Teeveeing, you’ll always stay up to date with your favourite Irish TV shows and series in the UK.

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What Irish TV channels can I access in UK with Teeveeing?

Your Teeveeing membership gives you live, worldwide access to 120+ free-to-air
from Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany and France. The channel lineup includes
popular Irish and British channels like:

For a full list of channels you can access with Teeveeing in the UK,
see our channel list.

Want to record Irish TV in UK?

Perhaps you are running late and can’t watch the live broadcast. Or you might just want to record the programme and watch it at your leisure. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

All Teeveeing memberships come with 7-day recordings*; 10 hours for our free trial membership, and up to 20 hours for our paid Expat TV and Family TV memberships. But what if you need more storage or wish to keep your recordings permanently?

Introducing Later, the personal cloud-based video recording app. Later works seamlessly with all Teeveeing memberships and allows you to record up to 300 hours of your favorite films, series, documentaries and shows, permanently.

*recordings provided by Later

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