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    Home TV via

    Expats, Travellers & Digital Nomads.

    Maintaining a connection to your homeland’s television can be
    challenging for those living abroad. Despite digital technology and
    the internet, satellite broadcasting remains the primary legal method
    for watching live TV from your home country. Traditional models are
    often impractical, but TeeVeeing offers a viable alternative. It
    provides uninterrupted access to your home’s culture, language, and
    community, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of home television
    without the hassle.

    With the number of expatriates in Europe rising to over 60 million,
    the demand for a current solution has never been greater. TeeVeeing
    is a steadfast ally of the broadcasting industry, offering services
    marked by complete transparency and unwavering professionalism to
    keep you connected to your roots, no matter where you are.

    Who funds FTA?

    Access Free-To-Air over satellite broadcasts.

    Free-to-air (FTA) satellite television broadcasts began as an international initiative decades ago. These broadcasts are typically free, clear, and unencrypted, allowing anyone with the appropriate receiving equipment to view the content without charge. Aimed at a non-domestic audience, they promote cultural values, improve trade and tourism, enhance national prestige, and foster cross-border goodwill.

    This service remains invaluable to expatriates and travellers, enabling them to stay connected to their native culture. The channel owners fund and license the programming, with additional support typically coming from taxpayer contributions through mandatory license fees and commercial advertising.

    Expats & Their TV.

    A market too big to ignore.

    Basic research indicates the existence of possibly hundreds of illegal streaming services. Despite the collaborative efforts of right-holders and governments to combat this issue, the sheer scale of the challenge is daunting.

    These ‘pirates’ include and thrive on re-streaming paid (encrypted) channels and content such as films and series. They adeptly leverage new technologies and swiftly reorganise, making enforcement a game of cat and mouse. Expatriates yearn for the comfort of television from their homeland, yet legal options are scarce, often pushing them towards unauthorised services. The real challenge lies in providing a legal pathway that meets their needs.

    TeeVeeing pledges to bridge this gap by offering a legal and practical alternative, focusing exclusively on Free-to-Air (FTA) channels. We are dedicated to fighting piracy and serving as a trustworthy industry ally, ensuring that expats can enjoy a piece of home.


    Historical Background.

    The history of Free-to-Air TV.

    The Satellite Directive, established in 1993, was a pivotal development for EU citizens on the move. It granted them the freedom to watch TV channels via Free-To-Air (FTA) satellite broadcasts without any charge.

    According to the directive, individuals are entitled to receive and view FTA satellite streams using any equipment that utilises an uninterrupted stream (chain of communication) from their “viewing device” to the satellite transmission.

    The directive’s stated intention is very important in establishing legal precedent. In 1993, the only viewing device was TV, but it was already evident from the wording that the EU expected modes of transmission to proliferate.

    “Broadcasts transmitted across frontiers within the Community, in particular by satellite and cable, are one of the most important ways of pursuing these Community objectives, which are at the same time political, economic, social, cultural and legal” 93/83/EEC, Recital 3

    While the challenge of upholding this directive is acknowledged, especially as technology rapidly advances, it remains the sole practical option for expatriates to access television that connects them to their cultural roots.


    Legal foundation.

    Access Free-To-Air over satellite broadcasts.

    TeeVeeing acts as a signal distributor, offering the technical means to access broadcasts directly from the source. It provides the hardware and software for end users to receive Free-To-Air (FTA) channels without retransmitting or altering the content. According to Directive (EU) 2019/789 and the EU case law, signal distributors who provide technical support to ensure or improve broadcast reception do not infringe on broadcasting rights, as they are not considered to be broadcasting to the public.

    Our service ensures compliance with these principles by enabling end users to access FTA channels through their own devices, similar to using a satellite dish on a roof. Our setup maintains the integrity of the original broadcast and adheres to the regulatory framework, ensuring no retransmission or modification of the content occurs. Importantly, TeeVeeing works with reputable, industry-specialised law firms and advisors, ensuring full compliance with European Union regulations. For more information, read the details on our website or contact us directly.

    By maintaining strict compliance with copyright laws and working closely with legal experts, TeeVeeing guarantees a service that respects the rights of content creators and broadcasters, providing a lawful and reliable means for end users to access FTA channels.

    Experience TeeVeeing with SOMETHERE HERE.