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    Personal Cloud
    Video Recording

    Members can buy an add-on for personal Cloud Video Recording (CVR)
    storage to record videos directly to the cloud. This feature allows members
    to create a unique, private copy of a broadcast segment, not accessible or
    shared with others.

    The control apps let users trigger recordings of live broadcasts stored
    separately in their personal online space under stringent restrictions and for
    a limited time.

    According to most European copyright laws, including the Spanish
    Copyright Act, private copying exceptions permit individuals to make copies
    of copyrighted content for personal use.

    This ensures you can record and watch videos later on your preferred
    devices without infringing copyright laws.

    These recordings must be for private use
    only and cannot be replicated or shared
    with anyone else.


    Each user individually triggers their
    recordings, has dedicated cloud space, and
    receives their own copy, with no master
    copy shared.


    TeeVeeing acts as a third-party equipment
    supplier, charging only for storage and
    using the recording software, similar to
    other online cloud storage providers,
    without hidden fees for cloud storage.