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Watch UK Athletics live abroad.

Athletics is a thrilling and dynamic sport that has captured the hearts of fans around the world. From the grace and speed of sprinters to the strength and endurance of distance runners, athletics offers a range of events that showcase the incredible capabilities of the human body. Whether you’re interested in the drama-live of the Olympic Games or the excitement of local competitions, there’s always something to enjoy in the world of athletics. With a rich history and a vibrant presence, UK athletics is a must-watch for sports enthusiasts of all persuasions. From the explosive energy of the 100m dash to the nail-biting suspense of the long jump, there’s never a dull moment. So why not tune into UK athletics from your TV abroad with Teeveeing and experience the excitement for yourself?

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Athletics: A brief history.

Athletics, also known as track and field, has a long and rich history dating back to ancient times. The earliest recorded athletic events were held in ancient Greece in the 8th century BCE, the Olympic Games being the most famous. The ancient Olympics included a range of track and field events such as running, jumping, and throwing competitions.

After the decline of the ancient Olympics, athletics continued to be popular in Europe, particularly in England. In the 19th century, the modern sport of athletics began to take shape, with the formation of organizations such as the Amateur Athletic Association in the UK and the International Olympic Committee. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896, and athletics was one of the most popular and prestigious events.

Since then, athletics has continued to evolve and grow in popularity around the world. The sport has expanded to include a wide range of events, including sprints, middle and long-distance running, hurdles, relays, high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, shot put, discus, javelin, and hammer throw. The sport has also become more inclusive, with the introduction of events for athletes with disabilities, such as the Paralympic Games.

Today, athletics remains one of the most popular sports in the world, with major events such as the Olympics and the World Championships drawing millions of viewers and fans from around the globe.

The different types of Athletics.

  • Running events: Running events include sprints (100m, 200m, and 400m), middle-distance (800m and 1200m), long-distance (2000m and 10,000m), and relay races (4x100m and 4x400m).
  • Hurdles events: Hurdles events require athletes to run over a series of barriers of varying heights while maintaining speed and rhythm. The most common hurdles events are 110m hurdles for men and 100m hurdles for women.
  • Jumping events: Jumping events include high jump, long jump, and triple jump. In high jump, athletes jump over a horizontal bar, while in long jump and triple jump, they try to jump as far as possible from a running start.
  • Throwing events: Throwing events require athletes to throw different objects as far as possible. The most common throwing events are shot put, discus, javelin, and hammer throw.
  • Combined events: Combined events, also known as multi-events, involve athletes competing in several events across different categories. Examples of combined events include heptathlon (women) and decathlon (men).
  • Racewalking: Racewalking involves athletes walking as fast as possible while maintaining a proper technique. The two race walking events are 20km and 20km.
  • Para-athletics: Para-athletics is a branch of athletics for athletes with disabilities. It includes events such as wheelchair racing, amputee sprinting, and visually impaired running and jumping.

Why Athletics is so popular.

Athletics includes a wide range of events that test different physical abilities and skills, making it an exciting and diverse sport to watch and participate in. Athletics is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and abilities. It can be practiced at both amateur and professional levels, and many events are open to the public.

Athletics has a global appeal, with major competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships drawing viewers from all over the world. This has helped to make athletics one of the most watched and followed sports in the world. The achievements of athletes in athletics are often awe-inspiring and inspiring to many people. Whether it’s breaking a world record or winning a gold medal at the Olympics, these feats capture the public’s imagination and inspire many people to get involved in the sport.

Athletics is a physically demanding sport that requires endurance, strength, and speed. As such, it can provide numerous health and fitness benefits, making it a popular choice for people who want to stay in shape or improve their fitness levels.

Overall, athletics is a sport that offers something for everyone. With its diverse events, global appeal, inspiring achievements, and health and fitness benefits, it’s no wonder that athletics is such a popular sport.

UK Athletics trivia.

  • The first recorded athletics event in the UK took place in London in 1866.
  • The oldest athletics club in the UK is the Thames Hare and Hounds, which was founded in 1868.
  • Sir Jason Kenny is the British Olympian with the highest number of gold medals in track cycling, having achieved seven gold medals, which marks him as the most successful in this category.
  • The UK holds the world record for the men’s 4x100m relay, which was set at the 2012 London Olympics by a team consisting of James Ellington, Adam Gemili, Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, and Dwain Chambers.
  • The oldest record in UK athletics is the men’s long jump record, which was set in 1968 by Lynn Davies with a jump of 8.23m.
  • The UK’s most successful male athlete at the Olympic Games is Sir Mo Farah, who has won four gold medals in the 5,000m and 10,000m events.
  • The most successful female athlete in UK athletics history is Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, who won gold in the heptathlon at the 2012 London Olympics and silver in the same event at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  • The world-famous London Marathon, which is one of the six World Marathon Majors, attracts over 40,000 runners every year.
  • The largest athletics stadium in the UK is the London Stadium, which was originally built for the 2012 London Olympics and has a capacity of 60,000.
  • The UK hosts several major athletics events each year, including the British Championships, and the Anniversary Games, which are held in honor of the 2012 London Olympics.

Major Athletics Events in 2023.

All televised events on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Red Button can be viewed with a Teeveeing membership. Sign up today and get unlimited TV time and 20x 7-day recordings.

February 18
UK Athletics Indoor Championships Birmingham
11:20 GMT and 17:00 GMT
World Indoor Tour Final Birmingham
21:10 GMT
2nd March
2023 European Indoor Championships
17:30 GMT
3rd March
2023 European Indoor Championships
7:45 & 17:30 GMT
4th March
2023 European Indoor Championships
7:45 GMT
4th March
2023 European Indoor Championships
17:00 GMT
4th March
2023 European Indoor Championships
18:00 GMT
5th March
2023 European Indoor Championships
8:45 & 17:30 GMT
13 May
Belfast Irish Milers Meet
27 May
British Milers Club Grand Prix
10 June
British Milers Club Grand Prix
17 – 25 June
Special Olympics World Games
1st July
British Milers Club Grand Prix
29 July
British Milers Club Grand Prix
12 August
British Milers Club Grand Prix
July 8-9
UK Athletics Championships
July 23
London Diamond League
7 - 13 August
European Athletics Championships
4th to 11th Augus
Commonwealth Youth Games
19 August to 27 August
World Athletics Championships

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What if I want to record the athletics event?

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