Important information for our US-based customers.

Date: 04/02/2022
Dear customer,
You may have received a Google Play notification informing you that Teeveeing was removed from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, we were ousted again due to a superficial copyright dispute.
We've been here before, but despite being reinstated following similar bogus copyright claims in the past, Google kicks us out time and time again. It appears Google doesn't wish to ruffle the feathers of the large copyright holders, penalising small, legal companies like Teeveeing instead. Since we need to take into consideration the continuity of our service for all our members worldwide, we regret to inform you that we have no choice but to pull Teeveeing from the USA, effective immediately.
We understand this will come as a shock. We wish we were in the position to have provided you with more notice, but we received no such notice ourselves, which leaves us with no other option than to act immediately. 

How does this affect me?

You'll still be able to sign into Teeveeing, but you can no longer watch any live TV or schedule recordings. Your existing recordings will be retained for 7 days from the recording date, after which they will automatically be deleted. The Teeveeing app will effectively cease to function for our US-based members.
If you use a VPN for privacy or security online, and you have set it to a US-based IP, we advise you to switch your IP to another country so you may continue accessing Teeveeing. The Teeveeing app now also prevents anyone located in the US (US IP address) from downloading Teeveeing from the Google Play Store and accessing streams of satellites they should not be able to access. Alternatively, you can cancel your Teeveeing membership by navigating to Settings > My Account and click the "Cancel My Account" button.

Why did this happen?

Teeveeing is one of the few legitimate Free-To-Air TV services on the market. That's why certain public broadcasters are pursuing us, even though we are fully compliant with the law. They can't easily locate the hackers and pirates. They'd rather disrupt a legitimate company trying to do the right thing for all parties.

Trouble in Free-To-Air TV town.

Receiving Free-To-Air TV is your right. If you don't know what Free-To-Air TV is, think of it as the technological and legal means by which you can legitimately watch TV broadcasts from home while living or travelling abroad.
Yet broadcasters view Free-To-Air TV as a threat and are trying to quash it. You see, it's not good for their revenue models. The Free-to-Air Collective is a charity committed to protecting your rights to watch Free To Air TV abroad. Sign up for free to the Free-to-Air Collective and make our collective voices heard! We do not want to lose our rights to access Free-To-Air TV.
United, we are stronger.
Vincent Weberink
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