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TV-ing abroad made easy.

With a paid Teeveeing membership, you can directly access and record all your favourite satellite channels, without any additional equipment. Teeveeing equips its members with everyday technology for their individual use in order to access TV from abroad. Find out how our product, services and memberships work.

Do you just want to watch TV?

TV with a twist.

Teeveeing works just like traditional satellite TV with a slight twist on the technology. Tune in to receive satellite signals from free-to-air broadcasts virtually, using your pc, laptop, TV box, tablet, smartphone or TV instead of a physical satellite box.

TV with a twist.
Free to air TV, nothing added.

Free to air TV, nothing added.

Your membership fee pays for a license to a personal VSMS middleware (Virtualised Satellite Middleware Solution), satellite receiver box and the rental of the receiving hardware. This structure delivers all live TV broadcast signals intact, unaltered, and in their original form.

TV Control Apps for any device.

As a Teeveeing member, you gain access to a suite of control apps. Our apps include the technology to establish uninterrupted lines of communication to the satellite FTA live broadcasts plus a user interface that works much like a traditional TV set.

TV Control Apps for any device.

Secured and Private TV for the expat community.

Teeveeing members receive Free-to-air FTA live TV broadcasts via a direct, personal connection established with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Unlike operators who distribute over the open Internet, we use VPN technology to keep your access secure.

Keep free-to-air, free

Know your expats rights.

Do expats have the right to access TV from their home country when living abroad? Public Service Broadcasters have the objective of fulfilling the democratic, social and cultural needs of the societies they serve. Since expats maintain the right to vote in their home countries, informing them of democratic processes, policies and news from their home countries results in better democracy.

Why our service is fair.

Teeveeing does not broadcast, re-transmit, re-stream, re-distribute or otherwise alter any content. We do not offer a catch-up service. Instead, Teeveeing is a service provider that equips members with legal technology for individual use. Our only financial benefit is the nominal low fee we charge our members that pays for the equipment and service provisioning.


We neither infringe existing copyright nor breach any EU laws. We strive to build amicable relationships with broadcasters and rightsholders and believe that rights must be paid. We fight privacy through education and by supporting initiatives such as the Free To Air TV Collective.

We’re here for you.

Whether it’s a question about membership, advice on installing Teeveeing on your device, or anything else, our friendly support staff are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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