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Get Teeveeing on your Android
tablet or smartphone.

There are two ways you can download
TVmucho on your Android device.

Get Teeveeing on Pzaz.

Pzaz is the TV & Music super app which hosts Teeveeing as one of its channels.

Sideload Teeveeing on your Android device. (Advanced)

Download and Install Teeveeing on your Android tablet or smartphone by following these steps.

Why can’t I find Teeveeing in Google Play store?

We were removed from Google Play following a bogus copyright infringement report. Google Play follows a “guilty until proven innocent” strategy,
so while we are busy contesting our innocence, we’re barred from Google Play. It’s not right and it’s not fair, but it is what it is.

Got another device?

Teeveeing works on all your devices. Sign up is Free.